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The company is owned by a well talented and experienced Individual Mr. Yemane Taye. He is a professional Tour operator who has been working as tour leader guide and organizer for ages. Apart from guiding and leading a small group and individual travels Mr. Yemane has been leading a big crew of travelers, film crews of internationally renowned adventurers & movie makers. 

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SHARYEM TOURS - The Ethiopian Travel Specialist.

Bahir Dar is a large town that has grown since the 1950’s. It’s palm-lined avenues and pretty lakeside vistas give a tropical ambience. Situated at the southern end of Lake Tana, it provides an excellent base from which to explore the historic sites. Lake Tana has 37 islands. Churches and monasteries have been built on twenty of the islands.
While boating on the lake, hippos and pelicans, amongst other wildlife can be seen. The markets are well worth visiting, but if you are pushed for time go to the fish market first. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile, which eventually flows into the Egyptian delta.