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The company is owned by a well talented and experienced Individual Mr. Yemane Taye. He is a professional Tour operator who has been working as tour leader guide and organizer for ages. Apart from guiding and leading a small group and individual travels Mr. Yemane has been leading a big crew of travelers, film crews of internationally renowned adventurers & movie makers. 

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SHARYEM TOURS - The Ethiopian Travel Specialist.

The west of Ethiopia is a beautiful roll of hills and valleys. Forests and rivers line the way to the very hot climes of Gambella. Close to the Sudanese border and home of the Anuak people amongst others. This region is a fertile and exotic treat. Kaffa coffee, gold and frankincense are all products traded in Mengesha Forest.
Camping, sightseeing, historical churches and villages are all on the menu for the visitor. Also in the west is the large city of Jimma.